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Jennifer Griffith grew up in Marshall, AR and is a third generation realtor. Her grandfather’s real estate office was where she enjoyed some special moments with her family. While growing up, Jennifer was taught many aspects of the real estate business. What she remembers the most was that her grandfather would let her tagalong to look at property often. As she grew up, she realized that he had a hidden agenda for letting her come along; it was to open the gates. However, the joy of meeting clients that sometimes became more like family, made every gate worth being opened. As a teenager, she was given many tasks as a farm hand. Working cattle and hauling hay back in the day was just a common thing that took up many hours of her days. Jennifer has a strong devotion to her family and friends. She is very well known throughout her community as a joyful, caring and honest person. Jennifer has a love for fishing and enjoys going of an evening and catching anything that will bite a minnow. Her husband still has to take the fish off the hook and she gets so excited when she catches a big one. Her husband has a dozing business which gives her insight into things such as food plots, fire breaks, road building, and land leveling. These are things that are necessary for proper wildlife management. She knew that this would go hand and hand with Mossy Oak Properties. Jennifer will do everything she can to find you the perfect piece of property or do everything she can to sell your property, whether it is small acreage or large tracts of land.

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