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Arkansas Land Company provides a new and unequaled concept in assisting clients with recreational and investment properties. One of the fastest growing segments in real estate is rural America.

Several factors indicate a climate for amplified interest:

Buy & Sell With Us

For the Buyer

WeIl if you are looking for a sound investment, forty acres with a summer cabin or a prime piece of hunting property, we are prepared to deliver. Our network allows us to search the most desirable properties in an efficient manner. That saves our clients a precious human commodity-”time”.

Our office is staffed with seasoned professionals. We know land and our experience allows us to help you make your dream a reality.

For the Seller

We have access to marketing tools that drive a disproportionate level of consumer demand to our listed properties.

Proven Results

In Arkansas, Arkansas Land Company has completed over $250 million in transactions with over 60,000 acres of property sold.


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