Molly Litwiller

Marvell, AR 72366

Licensed in AR

(870) 995-6488

Molly Litwiller

Molly was born and raised in the Arkansas Delta near Marvell, a region known for its rich agricultural heritage. From an early age, Molly developed a deep connection to the land and community, growing up on the family farm where they still reside today.

In 2022, She graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Finance. Blending a strong educational foundation with practical experience gained from life on the farm.

Outside of professional pursuits, Molly is passionate about spending time with family and friends, valuing the close-knit relationships that have been a cornerstone of their upbringing. An avid outdoor enthusiast, she enjoys the beauty and tranquility of nature, whether it's working on the farm, or out in the woods. Molly's journey continues to be shaped by the values and experiences of her Arkansas Delta roots. With her experience she can asist in finding farmland, hunting land, or residential. 

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